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To be publicly recognized as a leading institute with the potential to provide knowledge and to improve skills
for the administration and the conduct of diplomatic and foreign affairs missions in the age of globalization.
Organizational Values
Inclusiveness- Well-roundedness – Integration - Universality
Training 1) To be the main agency of the Royal Thai government in providing trainings to build capacities in diplomacy and foreign affairs, foreign languages, work and management skills necessary for MFA officials and spouses as well as those from other agencies with overseas offices in order to stay competitive.

2) To be the main English-language testing center for the Thai government sector, state enterprises, and state agencies, the results of which can be used for the following purposes: i) application of various scholarships granted by the Royal Thai government and international agencies for further studies, training, and research, both in Thailand and abroad; ii) selection of officials to be posted overseas; iii) supporting document for the raise of initial salary. Furthermore, DVIFA is tasked with improving English examinations and conducting foreign language tests to meet the global standards.

Scholarship and cooperation

3) To strengthen relations and co-operations with Thai and foreign agencies through personnel development mechanism, such as scholarship and training programs, etc.

Research and publication

4) To develop DVIFA into a think tank which conducts studies and research to provide policy recommendations via symposium, seminar, presentation, and publications on strategic issues that have significant implications for Thai foreign affairs and are beneficial to the public both at the national and regional level.


5) To be the main agency in educating civil servants and government officials and furthering their knowledge, skills and expertise in the fields of diplomacy and foreign affairs, as well as organizing curriculum for foreign diplomats and government officials.